Closest to the Pin

Our Closest to the Pin Contest is one that every golfer enjoys!

Set it up on one of the Par 3 holes during your event. The golfer who hits the ball closest to the pin during your event wins the prize! This is a ‘Guaranteed Winner’ contest!

Here’s how it works… the golf course will provide you with a marker and a tape measure. The person who plays the hole first writes their name and the distance from their ball to the hole on the marker. When someone hits a ball closer, they write down their name and distance. This continues until everyone has completed play. At the end of your event, the person who hit their drive closest to the pin wins the prize!

Your Closest to the Pin Contest package includes the guaranteed prize and a customized sign so you can easily sell a sponsorship for this contest to raise more money for your organization!


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    VIP Ticket Contest "Guaranteed Prize"

    A great Contest including a 4-color digital 18" x 24" sign customized with your sponsor name.  The winner will receive 2 Event Tickets (1 certificate) good for events in any city throughout North America. The winner will browse their...

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