Longest Drive


Our Long Drive Contest is another favorite! Golfer’s love this ‘grip it and rip it’ contest and it adds a challenging element to your golf event. The golfer who hits the ball the farthest on the predetermined hole wins the prize! This is a ‘Guaranteed Winner’ contest!

Here’s how it works:

The golf course will provide you with a marker that you can place on a select par 5 hole (choose one that is long and fairly straight). The person with the first long drive writes their name on the marker that is placed in the fairway. When someone hits a drive beyond the marker, they move it to where their drive ended and write down their name. This continues until everyone has completed play. At the end of your event, the person who hit their ball the farthest on that hole wins the prize!

Your Longest Drive Contest package includes the guaranteed prize and a customized sign so you can easily sell a sponsorship for this contest to raise more money for your organization!


  • Signs can be customized with text.  Sign is 18" x 24" and in full color.

    Exclusive Escape Guaranteed Winner

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